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Software development is undergoing a major change away from a fully closed software process towards a process that incorporates open source software in products and services. To cater to this situation we need to look at the overall growth of open source as well as its growth rate in our University. In this project, we have create the repository of the active and popular open source software, which are most suitable for DU teaching and learning community. Open source software is having a major impact on the software industry and its production processes. Many software products today contain at least some open source software components. Some commercial products are completely open source software. In some markets, for example, web servers, open source software holds a dominant share. Open source software today has a strong presence in education, industry and government. However, open source software today is part of many proprietary (closed) source products, and measuring its growth solely by packaged software deployment is likely to underestimate its size and growth by a wide margin. Several studies have been undertaken to measure the growth and evolution of individual open source software projects. Most of these studies are exemplary, focusing on a few selected projects only. On SourceForge, one of the most dominant open source project hosting service, there are more than 150,000 projects registered, many of the projects are inactive. It is estimated that as of today there are only about 18,000 active open source projects. The significance of open source has been continuously increasing over time. [b]DUForge[/b] is the initiative to host popular open source projects which are most relevant to the teaching and learning community of Delhi University. It is aimed that the Delhi University community at all level will get the maximum benefit of this project. The project [b]Skpoken Tutorial[/b] is also integrated for the benefit of the learning community. A dedicated portal is launched to provide online access to the software repository and related tutorial, guides and manuals. This repository would also be made available in the form of a CD/DVD, USB thumb drives.

Spoken Tutorial